Saturday, August 2, 2014

Gear Review: Petzl Myo RXP 2 Headlamp

In my experience there are two pieces of gear you really do not want to skimp on.  One is boots the other is a good headlamp.  Just the other day, I crawled into a void with a cheap, weak-sauce, budget-branded LED headlamp and could barely see the angle iron in front of me. Completely useless. 
A good headlamp is in the same category as a mechanic having Snap-On tools.  They make life much easier because they're designed better.  They're more expensive, but you get your money's worth out of them on the job.  

I have the PETZL Myo RXP 2 thats pictured above that I've used as a deckhand and a shoreside mechanic.  Its probably the only one that I'll ever purchase again.  Even finding shorelines in the rain on a moonless night was no sweat when I was using it.  Its super simple to use and well designed.  The lamp can pivot up and down on a ratchet so you can use it for close in work or further away.  It shifts from spotlight to wider area illumintation by flipping a diffuser over the lamp. 

It has an emergency flash mode, so if you go swimming, you can quickly shift to a blinking light and at 470 lumens its 4x as bright as your standard Wally World brands.  This is a headlamp for those that are serious about your work (or play, works great for deer and duck hunting too).  They run about $95 so you dont want to lend it to your brother's kids for the Boy Scout campout, but as a piece of professional equipment its a great asset to be able to follow a shore wire to its deadman on the bank at 100yds.  Its also durable enough to last in a backpack during dayshifts when all your other gear piles on top.  Check it out here.


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