Friday, December 12, 2014

Towboat Christmas Eve

Twas the night before Christmas
and all through the boat
No stockings were hung
just life jackets and coats
The engines were noisy
the wheel wash was churning
As everyone's thoughts
to their own homes were turning
Up in the Pilothouse, quiet and still
a few men were gathered
to talk as men will
But no one could think of a
whole lot to say
Alone on a boat would they be
Christmas Day
Off in the west in the clear
winter night
A star made me think
of my own hearts delight
What was she doing
so far , far away
When here I am boating
on this Christmas Day
Well freight has to move
and move it we must
For a job to a boatman
is his God given trust
And move it we will
and be lonely or glad
For without any paychecks
we'd be mighty sad
But soon after Christmas
we'll all be headed home
At least for a while
no more rivers to roam
So I'll say it to you all
as we steer around the bend
Remember they are waiting
Merry Christmas My Friend !

Towboat Christmas Eve was written on the Ohio River in 1974 and is dedicated to all the towboaters and their families everywhere on this Christmas Eve !

Smoothe Sailing !................................Ted

Originally Published

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